Monday, June 8, 2009

Florida Part 2-Disneyworld

(does that not make you want to ride with your arms and legs flailing about? looks so much more fun!)

So me & Tom are pretty into Disneyland (we've been together twice and separately quite a few times). I always say it's fun to go to Disneyland with Tom, but he means business, we have to get there when the park opens and stay as late as we can, try to do all the rides, etc! So this time we took the disney to a whole new level and stayed at a Disneyworld resort, the All-Star Music (cause it's the cheapest so we could go free using my Disney credit card points, woo!). The resort was cute, we were in the "country" building so it was all boots and lassos, very old school country.

Day 1
The first day we got in we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios for a half day, they have my favorite ride, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The other highlight there was the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater, it was like a drive in and they played shorts from old movies like the 50 Foot Woman and cartoons. The food was impressive though! I had marinated tofu that was so delicious, also free thanks to the disney points. And then Tom found some star wars stuff to pose by, always good :)Day 2
The next day we got up really early to head to the Disney's Animal Kingdom. (that's me trying to wake up). I think this was my favorite park, it was like the zoo and Disneyland put together. They also had some delicious food, we ate at the Yak & Yeti and I had lo-mein and wontons for dessert (we went high-class on the restaurants this time). And they had DINOSAUR, a very Indiana-Jones-esque ride so I loved it, can you see me being scared? But the best part was the animals, these fruit bats were gigantic and were sleeping right there in front of you! And then going on the cruise was fun, it was like the jungle cruise ride with real animals.That night we went to downtown disney and guess what? Like all of Pleasure Island is closed! No more dance clubs, I was going to try and drag Tom there with me, oh well. Instead we went to House of Blues and had dinner and then watched the Orlando Magic game, all the restuarant workers were watching in the bar, they were pretty excited. Then we barely made it home, it was raining so hard!

Day 3
The last day we saved for the regular old classic Magic Kingdom, whether this was a wise choice or not I don't know, it POURED the whole time. We ended up buying an umbrella and once I got used to being wet it wasn't so bad, it was at least a warm rain.
There's Tom looking quite sober with his umbrella in the rain by the Haunted Mansion.Then there's Tom looking downright excited about the Parade!Then there's the potters wheel we found in Minnie's House.
All in all it was a great trip, but afterwards I was exhausted and all of my clothes were wet so it was time to go home :)

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