Friday, April 30, 2010

Best Pizza in America?

So did you know the pizza place named best in America is right in Phoenix? I just heard about it a month or so ago (I'm a little out of the loop on this I guess). 
Pizzaria Bianco

It looks good and not too pricey, but supposedly you have to wait 3 hours to get a table.  Is anyone down for trying to get a table on a weeknight sometime? It opens at 5pm, so maybe we show up around 4pm and take turns waiting in line and heading across the street to the Rose & Crown?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things to do this week & end

Thursday 04/29/10
            Dining out for Life Phoenix-
"Save the date and your appetite for Thursday, April 29th! Many of the city's most fabulous restaurants are participating in Dining Out for Life 2010, and will donate 25%, 50% or 100% of their proceeds to Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS."
Check out a list of resturants here 

                The opening of Found, a new vintage & design shop "Mark you calendars for our GRAND OPENING of our new venture...Thursday, April 29th from 6-9.The store is full of FOUND objects, Vintage finds, Furniture, Bedding and DESIGN inspiration. We will offer discounts to the trade as well as a design menu for those of you ready to tackle a design project!"

Friday 04/30/10
           Conan O'Brien-
Does anyone want to buy me tickets to this? I want to go! But I don't want to pay :)

           Sticky Fingers 10:00pm, cover if you show up after 11.  A launch party for a new dance night, you're supposed to dress glamorously, I might have to do this

Saturday 05/01/10
          David Sedaris

This is sold out, so it's just a teaser, I wish I was going, he's very funny

And all weekend long:
AZ Tattoo Expo- but at $20 a ticket I might just save my pennies for another tattoo instead!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sales, Swaps & Stuff to do this weekend

So this one is courtesy of Tom, he went last year and was so excited to get shoes for like 1/2 off (the man goes through a lot of shoes!)  Click here for directions, it's not at the store, it's in a big warehouse.

Then there is Coffee, Cookies & Crafts " a celebration of independent art & crafts in Phoenix, Arizona."
And last but not least the Spring Clean out Frock Swap
"Come one and all and be prepared to strip down and Frock up! Bring anything and everything that no longer makes you feel fabulous to wear. If it's been in your closet and you haven't worn it in over a year, that's what I'm talking about!
All shapes and sizes welcome, and friends are more than welcome, just no boys please, even if they are gay, sorry.
Also all non frock items are welcome. Remember your crap is someone else's treasure. So that fondue pot you never use or those throw pillows you've bought too many of and now you can't even fit your ass on your couch, are all fair game!
The more you bring the better the swap.
I will load up Eric's truck and take all left overs to The Arc afterward so no worries on having to lug stuff away that you don't want.
Please bring a snacky snack type food to share as swapping is serious and we don't want anyone famishing out on my living room floor in the middle of a Frock-Off!"

This is at my friend Tara's house, so if you want to come call me or send me an email and you can be my guest!
And this is not something to do as much as something to buy . . .but if you are a pescatarian like me, you love to eat fish but feel bad about them being farmed.  Here is a good solution, my friend Margot and her family go to Alaska each year, catch their own wild salmon and then smoke it right there.

You can check out her catalog here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peeps Wreath (a little late for Easter)

So I am a little late on this posting, but better late than never!
So on Easter I found this adorable craft on this blog Tried & True and had to make one for myself! So I proceeded to practically buy out the CVS for their leftover Peeps and got to hot glueing.  In the original craft she used toothpicks and a straw wreath.  I already had a wicker (?) wreath so I just glued them on since toothpicks wouldn't work so well.  We'll see how it holds up in the Easter decorations box and hang it next year!

Also, did you know they made Peeps for other holidays like Halloween? Crazy right (I'm thinking another wreath is coming!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

a little extra cash

So we have a little extra money this month (thank you 3 paychecks instead of 2 in April!)  
But I'm being good and not buying this:

or this
But instead these:
Solar Screens for our house because it is so DANG hot in this room!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a few of the many things to do this weekend! (i'm going to 2 out of 4)

Thursday 6-8pm
Spiked! at the Desert Botanical Garden
For $25 get dinner, take a tour around the Garden and see the great local band Black Carl
(all in the same place I got married, so you know it's a good place to hang out!) This is every Thursday thru May, I think I want to go sometime!

Saturday 4-10pm
Indie Chic Street Party (music, art, food)

Sunday 6pm
Star Wars Themed Suns Game

"In partnership with Lucasfilm, the Suns will offer a special discounted ticket package that includes an exclusive Phoenix Suns/Star Wars t-shirt (see below) and photo opportunities with classic Star Wars characters. The unique night will also feature in-game Star Wars entertainment, including a “Star Wars on Planet Orange” player introduction video, Suns Dancers in Princess Leia costumes, a Gorilla lightsaber duel and a sneak peek at an upcoming episode of the hit Cartoon Network series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
Additionally, all fans attending the game are encouraged to dress like their favorite Star Wars characters for a chance to win official Star Wars merchandise. No masks or weapons will be allowed inside US Airways Center."

Sunday 4-12midnite
Glamrock Fashion/Hair Runway Show