Sunday, February 28, 2010

my first attempt at video editing

(thanks mom and dad for the vegas movie software and the video camera :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

what a day

So the day isn't even over yet and already it's been eventful . . .

First of all, in the wee hours of the morning Chile had a massive earthquake and my little brother is there! The mission said all the missionaries were ok, but still!! It's crazy not to be able to talk to him, to see if his house is okay, etc.  Here is a youtube video of what's going on

Then, today was day 1 of the 9th Annual Ceramic Studio Tour so Tom and I were at that all day.  He tried to set a record of speed throwing, making 25 bowls in under 10 minutes! I'll try and post the video soon . .  If anyone is free tomorrow come by and visit, we will be there 10-4pm! 4228 S. 36th Place Phoenix, AZ 85040. From I-10 take the 32nd Street/University Drive exit and go south. Turn
east on Broadway Road. Go north on 37th Street and then immediate left onto 36thPlace to #4228.

And then tonight I need to find a costume to wear to my friend's Purim party!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

i want to go to japan and meet fukusuke-pon

So there is this bunny that I love to follow online . . . he is way cooler than most humans I know

He has a great sense of fashion (he's not afraid to wear a dress):

His mom/owner makes strange techno music
He has his own website
And he goes on a walking adventure it seems like almost every day and posts on flickr
I think my bunny reggie wants to meet him too

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Literacy Timeline

So for one of my classes I made this literacy timeline, we were supposed to think of how reading & writing affected our lives.  It was way too fun to try and think of all the books I've read that meant a lot to me.  I'm sure I'm leaving off a literal hundred books.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Recap


I like to celebrate my birthday for not just one day . . . but a whole week.  I highly recommend this type of celebration.  The party started about 3 days prior on Sunday when I went to my family's house for dinner, trifle and lots and lots of presents :)  The on Tuesday the day before we had our Lost season premiere/birthday party.  Me and Tom were pretty excited about the Dharma additions to our food supply. We found out that our friends are very nice people, but most of them not Lost fans, what the heck? Oh well, a few people stayed until the end, but those that left early were still appreciated.  And again I got spoiled with waaaayyyy too many presents.

Then on my actual birthday I took the morning off of work (it was allowed :) and showed up with cupcakes for everyone.  Then I ditched my night class and went to Zumba class with Kat, who doesn't like to work out on their birthday?

Friday was my last day of celebration, my wonderful crafty friends went out on the town with me.  After meeting up at Darenna's swanky new pad we went to Fuse Fridays at Bar Smith.  We were more than a little dissappointed though, I had picked it for 3 reasons; proximity to the light rail (which it lived up to), Disco hour at 9:30, and free cupcakes because it was one of the DJs birthdays as well.  We got there around 9pm and asked the DJs where the disco was and they were very reluctant to play any. Then there was no cupcakes in sight, I don't understand why they put that on the flyer and then didn't live up to it.  But we can have fun anywhere and still had a great time, I stayed out pretty darn late. Also, met Young MC, totally random right? He was nice and took pictures with us, so bust a move.