Friday, June 12, 2009

get the government to pay your student loans!

So, I'm still in college, but I'm racking up my student loans pretty fast (like I probably have $10,000 already) and I've still got 1-2 years to go! I'm hoping to teach in a low-income school and then there's a program where your loans will be forgiven, but even if I don't then I will definitely do this IBR program, just thought I'd link it here in case anyone who's already paying loans hadn't heard about it!

If me & Tom didn't have his mom letting us live with her for free (because of Tom's student loan payment) we'd be living in a cardboard box! but thankfully we do, but maybe I should buy these cardboard box bedsheets to remind us of that.


skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

OOH i saw those bed sheets somewhere online last week. they are so cool. I also think the reason I don't go to school is bcuz of the crazy loans. ugh!

melississippi said...

i saw the sheets in a Bust magazine email, are you a Bust fan? i would think you would be :)