Monday, June 15, 2009

Opening at the Mesa Arts Center

On Friday Tom & I went to the opening at the Mesa Arts Center for the Resurrect show. The show was a juried exhibition of pieces made from found objects. We went to check out Lynette Andreasen's piece (everything she does is so great, she was my 3-D teacher a while back at ASU).This is close-up of her piece (photo courtesy of her blog), it's a giant sized locket with her hair inside. it made me think of this artist I had seen who's working with her own hair also, Melanie Bilenker.

Can you even believe that's hair? the line work is amazing!

Anyways, back to the show. Besides that piece I also liked the "My new panties" piece from Denise Laws. (sorry about the picture quality, no photoshop on this computer)
It's panties stitched onto wallpaper in embroidery hoops-any art with stitches usually catches my eye!

I also thought the Archaeologica-The Disposable Museum of Jessica Drenk exhibit was pretty insteresting. She creates "natural history specimens" from things like toilet paper rolls. And then we also checked out the Sergei Isupov show, Tom had already seen it he went to the workshop a few months back and watched him work. While Tom was there an old lady told him he looked like one of the sculptures, what do you think? I thought that was a hilarious thing for her to say! Anyways, I love Isupov, his work is a bit strange, but he is so talented. Those sculptures are so incredibly well made it's ridiculous! And a few years ago we got to have dinner with him when he was a guest artist at NMSU when Tom was going to school there. The whole night he was telling hilarious stories in this thick Russian accent about how he wanted to pimp out a car and how he lives in a giant renovated barn, he was entertaining to say the least.


Jacie said...

I don't know her personally but Lynette is married to a friend of a friend, and her husbands sister was really good friends with my mom. Funny! Hope you guys are well:)

melississippi said...

yea, we're all in the same east valley circles! once i was getting my teeth cleaned and we figured out the hygienist was her sister in law, maybe it's the person who was your mom's friend!