Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Saturday me, Tom, Matt & Sarah went to starswim. It's the nighttime version of adult swim, a sort of alternative pool party at the Wyndham. we had a great time! the pool was pretty empty ( i went swimming by myself though) and the bands that played were all enjoyable. The pool is outside on the 5th floor, so it felt like we were on the roof, it was very posh. here's a photo of some glamorous kids putting their feet in (wimps, they should be swimming!). I took a few photos, but i was all chilled out by the pool so they're pretty far away and blurry (i shouldn't be so lazy!) this is the first band, i don't know their name! something "and a little cloud" they were great though, they had banjo, harmonica, all of tom's favorite instruments. the next band was holy rolling empire. they were hilarious because the singer performed in boardshorts and a captains hat (he knew how to pool party). then the necronauts played. i was pumped because i used to go see them when i was like 16 all the time, i'm impressed they're still together and still sound good! the last band was what laura says thinks and feels, enjoyable, i didn't get any photos.

this is a view on the side of the hotel, so pretty. i also managed to steal a hotel shampoo, conditioner, lotion and shower cap! they're having shows all summer, i think i'll try and make it out again.


Jacie said...

Looks fun. No offense to them, but I am kinda surprised that the Necronauts are still around:)

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

nice.. i've never gone to this but i think my friends lil bro Maurizio dj's there at times.