Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I have become pretty bad at buying souvenirs, I'm getting cheap in my old age and I usually won't buy anything on vacation. I take lots of pictures, always a few seashells if I'm at a beach, and I'll keep some local currency if we're out of the country and that's about it. But we did buy martha (my mother-in-law) something we could all share from disneyworld.

It's a mickey mouse pancake mold, I couldn't pass it up, it makes me think of my grandma McBride (who used to make the mickey mouse pancakes when I was a kid, and she did it herself, no mold needed!)

so anyways, if you ever need some cheering up come over to my house for breakfast, who can be sad with mickey pancakes? (plus some eggs, vegan sausage and cherries on the side)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Florida-part 1 "the beach"

So for anyone that doesn't know, last week me & tom ran away to florida!

We spent the first three days in a little beach house on anna maria island with chris & lori.

We spent some time on the beach and went to brandon & jenni's wedding at the sandbar restaurant which was beautiful!

the beach, sunset, dancing, food was all amazing. it was like a beach wedding you see in a movie, but with people that we love. i think everyone had a way good time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Photobook-"the test is inaccurate"

So it took me a while to post, but my photo book is now available for purchase (or just preview on blurb! Check it out here!

For my everyday digital class we were assigned to take photos everyday and edit them into something cohesive. As the days started piling up I realized that everyone found my work to be somewhat funny, I seem to take photos of things gone awry. I wish you could preview the whole book online, the middle and end are even better than the beginning, but I guess then it's a treat for anyone who buys it or comes over to check out my copy!