Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what is your favorite artwork?

So for my BLE 220 class the teacher always sends around an attendance sheet that you write your name, and then also answer the question next to it. Sometimes the question is what is your favorite sport, hobby, movie, band, etc.
The question last night was "What is your favorite artwork?" Which you would think for an art major would be easy, but surprisingly it wasn't. The first thing that popped into my head was this sculpture: Nike of Samothrace ca. 240-190B.C.
I don't know why, I saw it once in an art history textbook and was enthralled. It's in the Louvre in Paris, so someday I'll have to go see it. Then I thought, No, I should have a photo and I thought of this: Nightsky by Lori Novak 1990.
After I had made some photos using a slide projector one of my teachers had shown me her work, I think I liked that I came to same idea as her, before ever seeing these photos the most. But then I couldn't decide. By then I was like "hurry up melissa, people will think you're weird worrying so much about this little question on the attendance sheet." So I ended up putting down this:Mayme Kratz, Knot 222 Resin and Weeds on Panel 12x12.
Not because it's my favorite work of all time, but my favorite thing I've seen recently. Kratz has a show at the Lisa Sette Gallery in Scottsdale running through January 2, 2010 and I went the other week and wanted to bust out my credit card to buy one, but I didn't. I like that they look like paintings from far away, but up close it's natural materials and resin, so more like sculpture. I'm loving the multi media and mixed media art that doesn't really seem to have a title of "painting" "sculpture" "photograph" anymore.
Anyways, to anyone reading this, what is your favorite artwork?

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