Monday, November 2, 2009


i love halloween. did everyone know that already or what? i love dressing up, i love an excuse to stay out late, i *used* to love candy (this year i did not have one piece and was pretty darn proud of myself). Because Tom and I love dressing up so much we had two different costumes each. One was PG rated so we could wear them to our Saturday morning classes where we teach little kids ceramics. Tom printed a free Chewbacca mask that I thought was pretty cool. I was going to be martian girl from planet v (aquabats fans will get it) but then i got lazy and didn't paint my skin green. But I did write in martian language: Later that night, we transformed into the living dead and headed out into the darkness. We found other zombies (Daryl and Shawna) and feasted together. Then we moved on to the zombie prom at the rogue bar. My favorite costume i saw that night was this dancing bear. something about a dancing bear made me quite happy.

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