Monday, September 7, 2009

hidden treasure on a roll of film

You know that feeling you get when you find $20 in the pocket of some jeans you haven't worn in forever? I get that same feeling every once in a while when finding something I forgot or didn't even know about on a roll of film. There was this half-used disposable camera that's been sitting on our kitchen counter for about 4 years or so. I never wanted to use it since I love my 35mm SLR and my DSLR so much. Finally, this summer I went to the salt river (once with Tom and once with my little sister Diana) and I thought I would bring it. I was afraid to bring my other cameras since they would most likely end up getting wet. I was able to keep the disposable dry and get a few pictures. Then I forgot to develop it for about another month, when Tom finally took it for printing this lovely hidden treasure was on it. About 4 years ago it looks like Tom's mom or dad bought the camera to take some pictures of family who was in town. There used to be a rooster that would walk around (and crow loudly in the morning). I'm sure this was just one morning when they were going out to their car. Anyways, I love this shot even if I didn't take it. And it reminds me of why you should always have a camera on you, you never know when a rooster might be posing in front of your car.

Anyways, here is me being cheesy at the river and Diana looking adorable.


BunnyBones said...

ah.. disposable cameras.. i havent used on in years. i should tho -cool pic

BunnyBones said...

i don't know why this keeps signing me in with my other acct. -its cindy

plane jane said...

that is a nice surprise!