Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Come visit me at First Fridays!!!!

So, to all of you thinking "what should I do this weekend??" I have a suggestion:

Come visit me & Tom at First Friday!

We'll be on the front lawn of Conspire (the artist run co-op he's a part of) with a two-for-one table.
One half will be me selling delicious baked goods to raise money for Race for the Cure. I've never had a bake sale that I can remember, so let's hope this goes well. I'm thinking of making vegan treats, the crowd down there might appreciate it . . .The other half of the table will be Tom selling his ceramics. So whether you want to help raise funds to cure breast cancer, give money to Tom, or if you just love cookies and hand-made bowls you will be in luck!
And if anyone is interested in donating to Race for the Cure just out of the goodness of your hearts you can do so on my page HERE.

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Jacie said...

I wish I could come!