Monday, August 3, 2009

Goodbye Elder Matt

Look at how adorable my little brother is, can you believe he's leaving on his mission tomorrow? The family is flying to Utah so we can hang out with him every last second till we drop him off. He'll be gone 2 years, he's going to Santiago, Chile. So that means in August 2011 I'm flying down there to visit as soon as his mission is officially over! So that will be fun, just the two years he'll be gone will be sad.

Last night he had an open house, like a giant goodbye party. There were so many people there! Tom made him that Chile pepper cake, I think it looked great, Tom is a perfectionist and wasn't too happy. I think he could go work at Charm City Cakes if he wanted. He took photos during the process:One good thing about my brother leaving is that we took family photos, which we never do because we're disorganized or procrastinators or something, ha. And I think we look pretty good if I do say so myself!
These need some color correction, but photoshop is running so slow on this computer I gave up on it for today. Besides, I need to get packing for utah!

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