Saturday, July 4, 2009

That's right, knitter graffiti

So I'm starting a knitter graffiti gang (or knit-fiti as I like to call it). Inspired by Knitta. You want to join my gang you say? Well you have to knit or crochet something, tag something public (a tree, telephone pole, statue) and think of a tagger name. I'm still working on my name . . . Anyways, this gang will definitely be a subdivision of the Phoenix United Crafters Society, my craft group with some of my favorite ladies!

This pole is right outside my house so if you're coming over today for my BBQ then you'll see it, happy 4th of July!


Jacie said...

It's like the secret taping missions!

melississippi said...

it is like the taping missions! i would like to knit your name on a stop sign like we did to evan, hah.