Monday, July 20, 2009

Imperial Beach 2009

For the past 5 years or so the week of the 4th of July my family always rents a condo at Imperial Beach. It's this little surfer town, with a pretty great beach, pier and my uncles, aunts and cousins from my mom's side all go.

Some highlights from our trip this year: me & Tom by surfhenge. The beach there has lots of sandollars, it feels exciting to find on the beach. If you can't find any shells you can always go to Bibbeys shell shop across the street where they have everything! Tom bought a blowfish, it's hanging out in the bathroom now until Tom has his pirate bar built.Me & Tom buried Diana in the sand as a mermaid, this took awhile . . . another day me & my mom carved a sandbunny. the week after we left the US Open Sandcastle Competition was there, so it must be the best sand around. While you're there you have to order a giant pizza from Seacoast pizza, my dad did not eat the whole thing. We went to Seaworld one day which was fun, saw the many shamus, rode Atlantis, and seeing the trained otters and chilean penguins is always the cutest part! If you look close you can see my mom, dad, matt & diana looking scared.


Kylie said...

haha that looks like so much fun. and oh my gosh i want that pizza.

in thailand there were sand dollars EVERYWHERe. literally. the crystal clear ocean was filled with them, and we would throw them at each other because they'd suction cup to your belly. very funny.

melississippi said...

that's crazy! i've never tried to suction cup a sand dollar to myself, i will have to see if that happens next time.