Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July BBQ

The month of July is flying by! I can't believe it's already halfway. Anyways, I wanted to post some pictures from the BBQ, we had much fun. There was lot of food and swimming and a tiny bit of fireworks. I had just 6 sparklers left from my New Mexico-bought stash from a few years back. But we could see a firework show from the backyard so that was a bonus. Here's Sarah, Chris Wass, Kat and Ben making some sparkle. I also bought a pack of temporary tattoos and made everyone wear them with me. Andrew's step-daughter Leia is so cute, we put hers to match his tattoo :)Then there's me & Lori being so patriotic. And me & Chris Wass, I don't know why I'm being tough there, ha. It was also a sad night because we had to say goodbye to Lori, her & Chris Kolb (I'm using the last names since there were two Chris' there that night!) her hubby are moving to Pennsylvania. But she has a nice new job there so we're trying to be happy for them. That's the good-bye wave. On to a happier subject, underwater photos! Kat & Ben's digital camera can go underwater, so that is what they're doing in this action shot. And last but not least here's a picture of Sue making what I think is the coolest new dessert idea. It was like a chocolate quesadilla. She had chocolate tortillas from the Guadalupe market, then put marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanut butter and whatever else inside and grilled them. Quite great. Sorry no pictures of Tom, he did not approve of the ones of him, and we also had a bunch of other awesome guests, but they eluded my camera as well.

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