Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Part One: 1st day in London

Since I want to write down everything that happened on my trip I think I'll post each day separately.  We set out at noon on Friday 03/11 to fly Air Canada to London's Heathrow Airport.  I highly recommend Air Canada! They were so nice, free food and only $50 to upgrade to the emergency row seats (extra leg room for Tom and I since we're so tall).  When we finally checked in to the Mint Hotel it was probably like 5am Arizona time, we were beat.  We slept a few hours and then headed out to the Tate Modern Art Museum (free and open until 10pm, London's museums totally beat the U.S.'s for that).  We saw original Marcel Duchamp, Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, just to name a few.  Then we walked along the river to The Anchor, a pub where we had some fish & chips with mushy peas.  It was definitely all it's cracked up to be. We didn't last much longer that night, still a little jet-lagged we took the tube back to the hotel and watched some English stand-up comedy before going to sleep.

The Mint Hotel was super modern (think Ikea design) and super nice.
Taking the tube from the airport to our hotel, only 7 pounds for a day pass, pretty good deal! I look a little crazed, but its because I couldn't really sleep on the flight.

This Lichtenstein was even better in person.

At the Tate Modern, we REALLY liked this piece, but I can't remember the artist's name :(

The museum walls had an awesome wall with artist's signatures in a timeline.  

The Millenium Bridge at night, very chilly but very pretty.

The Anchor pub-recommended by Frommers and now by Lissa & Tom :)

mmmmmm . . . .


BunnyBones said...

awesome pics girl!!

emilymcb said...

I'm glad you got south of the Thames! I think a lot of people don't get over there unless they're going to the Tate or the Globe Theater. I love the view of St. Paul's across from the Millennium Bridge. PS You should watch Harry Potter 6 again...they destroy the Millennium Bridge and it's awesome!