Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paparazzi weekend

Me, Iliza, and Tom

This Labor Day weekend was all about pictures. Friday night Tom and I met Iliza Shlesinger outside the Improv (we're big fans of Last Comic Standing)! So I was a bit of a paparazzi.

Then on Sunday Sarah, Matt, Tom, and I headed over to  Adult Swim at the Hotel San Carlos and there the paparazzi was in full force! The ratio of newspaper photographers to hipsters was downright funny.  We had a good time, and as evidence you can see pictures of us on 3 different websites : NightFuse, Phoenix New Times Here or Here, or AZCentral.

Matt's Evel Knieval-like test shot

Matt's ninja dive
Matt and Tom hanging out
me & Sarah were swimming ladies

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Jacie said...

The chicks and ducks are gone now:( We had some incidences. One with the local wildlife and another involving ducks that really truly fly... away! But the good news is we still have the baby:)