Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Five years went by so fast . . . it must be because I have such a great husband.  Our anniversary was January 7th, to celebrate we went to out to eat at St. Francis, we had never been there before (but I think I've driven past  many a time). We had decided to pick somwhere new out of Phoenix Magazine's 85 best restaurants edition.

There was about an hour wait, but we didn't mind sitting outside on the nicely heated patio.

I ordered the Forbidden Rice, I was excited to have a vegetarian meal that included more vegetables than I can usually imagine, it was good.

The traditional gift for a five year anniversary is something made of wood, so Tom got a pretty large ship's steering wheel (for his soon to be finished pirate themed patio) and I got an orange tree.  I'm excited to have oranges in the next few years from my backyard.

Here's to the next five years!