Wednesday, December 23, 2009

back from Seattle!

So Seattle was great, it's one of those cities you feel like you know already since you've seen it on TV so many times. The trip had a bit of a slow start, we were flying stand-by and got bumped from a few flights and had to hang out in the airport . . but we knew that was going to happen so it's ok, i'd rather save the money and wait!

When we got in it was raining (how very cliche Seattle, haha) and we spent the night hanging out at our hotel, the Hotel Max was as great as it purported to be online. The rooms had modern art in them, the doors were all giant black and white photos. This was our door (notice the do not disturb tag). We did go next door to the adjoining sushi bar, Red Fin. We had some great food and I was blown away by how every song that played was like my favorite (arcade fire, yeah yeah yeahs, mgmt, etc). (me in the hotel hallway)
The next day we got Top Pot doughnuts we'd seen it on Food Network and it was just as delicious as promised. Then we met up with some friends from when Tom was in grad school, Margot and Lyle. We did the underground tour, it was very cool walking around under the city and I feel like I learned something too, lots of history! Then we ate at Ipanema, they surprisingly had lots of vegetarian options for being a Brazilian meat restaurant! We then headed over the Seattle Art Museum to check out the exhibits, the Alexander Calder exhibit was pretty cool. (in the lobby of the museum)

After spending a few hours there we decided to walk over to Shortys, a bar that everyone kept recommending. It was great, they had a veggie hot dog, very delicious, tons of pinball machines and circus-y hipsters. Another one of Tom's old friends, Jeff met us up there.(Margot & Lyle enjoying Shorty's dogs)

After the late night on Thursday we slept in on Friday awhile. When we finally got up we went to see the Troll under the bridge and then drove to Tacoma to stay with one of my high school friends Danielle and her husband Corey. They are so cute, with their little dog Gustav.We went and walked around the glass exhibits outside the Museum of glass. Then we had a little driving tour of Tacoma, I didn't know they had a rainforest there, it was awesome. That night we ate at Primo Grill and stayed in.

The next day we drove back to Seattle to do some sightseeing. We met up with another high school friend of Tom's, Angel and her husband Ian, at ate at Dick's burgers. I only had the fries but they were good! Then we walked down to the piers, browsed the Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, Pike's Place Market, saw fish being thrown around, watched cheese being made, checked out a Polish Pottery shop that was cool but pricey, and many many more things I'm probably forgetting. When we finally settled down we had lunch at the Crab Pot, I needed me some clam chowder! After that we drove up the hill to get a good view of the city, by then it was pretty rainy and I was sooo glad I had brought my toe-warmers along for the day.
Then we checked out the GIGANTIC REI store, they have a giant climbing wall where you can test out the equipment, it was pretty cool but I didn't brave it in my dress! We then swung by to say hi to another of Tom's high school friends, Leah, before heading back to Tacoma for a chill night. That night we had some Thai food, watched Public Enemies and Saturday Night Live, very much a good evening.

The next day we amazingly got on a plane home (it was way busier than we had thought because of the holidays) after being in the airport forever!

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