Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting excited for Halloween!

So i'm getting psyched for halloween, i realized there are no pictures of our costumes from '06 on the web, so a little blast from the past . . . (p.s. this year we're going for a certain tri-color musical duo)


Jacie said...

Hey you,
I got your message. We have had a crazy time getting all our utilities and stuff going at the new house so I didn't have my phone on for a couple weeks. Frustrating! Anyway I definitely want to catch up. Maybe I'll call you tomorrow you don't work on the weekends do you? I am getting excited to see your Halloween costumes:) I don't think I have dressed up for Halloween since the time you and me dressed up together. I am gonna have to dig those pictures up:)

Kylie said...

you used to be blond? i am forgetting what you look like. it looked awesome!